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Customized Scenarios

Collaborate with experienced scenario authors and your faculty to create cases that address the needs of your program. Scenarios can be scaffolded to multiple levels of complexity for prelicensure and graduate-level education.

Simulation Center Planning & Design

Advise architects, project leaders, and teams when building a new site or expanding current spaces. Collaborate to avoid planning, conceptualization, and construction missteps.

Simulation Operations

Collaborate with programs to ensure systems integration with the parent organization. We guide development of job descriptions, forecasts and budgeting, and inventory, equipment, and asset management.

Simulation Program Needs Assessments

Assess simulation needs utilizing international standards and guidelines. Comprehensive summaries are created that provide recommendations for program sustainability and growth.

Staff Development Programs

Development of simulation staff, including a deep dive into the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best PracticeTM. Suggestions made for training of various roles in simulation operations. We offer recommendations for equipment and assets to maximize growth and sustainability.

Strategic Planning

Collaborate to develop 1- and 3-year planning grids that include clear rationale and recommendations for implementation. These grids can be used to by administration to provide support for programmatic growth.

SWOT Analysis

Analysis of your simulation program’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to help guide internal initiatives and improvements.